Ter Beke’s Ethics Line

“At Ter Beke, our mission is to put delicious high-quality food products  on each and every dining table. To achieve this mission, we are committed to act with integrity and uphold  our high ethical standards, as described in our Code of Conduct, which is available below. At Ter Beke, ethical business conduct is the responsibility of everyone, including those working on behalf of Ter Beke.

Ter Beke encourages all of you who are concerned about potential misconduct to ask for advice or raise a concern. If you have any doubt or if something simply doesn’t seem right, do not hesitate to speak up.

Employees of Ter Beke who have a concern shall promptly notify their Line Manager(s), Human Resources, Legal or Compliance either at local or global level. In case any partner, supplier, external worker or any other person has a concern, he/she should raise this with their point of contact within Ter Beke. Alternatively, anyone can report a concern to Ter Beke’s Internal Auditor and General Counsel (Compliance Officer) via  the secure Ter Beke’s Ethics Line, this by sending an email to: CodeOfConduct.Ethicsline@terbeke.com

The Ter Beke’s Ethics Line allows you to raise a concern anonymously, if you prefer to do so and if permitted under applicable national laws.

We encourage the use of our internal channels including the Ter Beke’s Ethics Line. Reports may be submitted to the competent authorities, insofar permitted under applicable national laws.”