Long-term collaboration, local sourcing and sustainability

We have an open relationship with suppliers, so that anything can be discussed. We translate the extent to which a supplier meets our requirements for quality, innovation, continuity of supply and service, into a long-term relationship and fair remuneration for their added-value.

We prefer local suppliers. For the production activities in Belgium and the Netherlands the larger part of the meat is purchased in those two countries. Guarantees for authenticity, origin and traceability of our ingredients is paramount.

As far as sustainability is concerned, we work together with preferred suppliers who can provide proven efforts and innovations that meet our requirements. For animal ingredients this means that we are increasingly buying meat and eggs from animals raised in accordance with standards that endorse the principles of animal welfare.

For vegetable ingredients such as palm oil this implies a use of sustainably harvested palm oil. We no longer use palm oil in recipes for our own brands.

For our packaging, we prefer to work with recycled materials and renewable raw materials or packaging which can be recycled after use or which does not damage the environment.