A strong and practical social commitment

Ter Beke is highly committed to society and we demonstrate this tangibly by…

Active membership of:

  • Professional association FEVIA (Food Industry Federation).
  • Belgian sector federations FENAVIAN (National Federation for Manufacturers of Meat Products and
  • Canned Meat) and BReMA (Belgian Ready Meals Association).
  • Umbrella organisation CLITRAVI (Liaison Center for the Meat Processing Industry in the European Union).
  • ECFF European Chilled Food Federation).

We also maintain close contacts with the Dutch sector organisations.

Chairmanship of and participation in consultative bodies

We conduct active consultations within the food chain and we participate in policy preparation. The R&D QA Director, Mr Guido Bresseleers represents Ter Beke in the primary consultative bodies with other stakeholders in the chain.

He is chairman of:

  • The technical-scientific committees within FENAVIAN and BReMA.
  • Technical, Legal and Food Safety Committee of the European sector federation CLITRAVI.

We actively participate in the chain consultations that unite Boerenbond, Agrofront, Unizo, BEMEFA/APFACA, COMEOS, UCM and FEVIA to promote cooperation among the various players in the Belgian agro-food chain.

Ter Beke has also signed the ‘Code of Conduct for fair relationships between suppliers and buyers in the agri-food chain’.

National Nutrition and Health Plan for Belgium

We actively contribute to the implementation and realisation of the National Food and Health Plan for Belgium. For example we set specific values for the targets defined in the plan for salt and fat reduction, for energy balance and increasing the proportion of vegetables by modifying products (our own brands as well as private labels) and by developing new products.

Financing and realisation of research projects

We encourage scientific research by participating in the funding and realisation of research projects.

Sharing knowledge and experience

Through active collaboration with educational institutions and training initiatives we share our knowledge and experience. Ter Beke is a partner of the Vlerick Business School and encourages research into sustainable business practices and Corporate Governance.