Paying attention to energy consumption, waste flows and packaging

By continually raising the awareness of employees, and with some specific investments, since 2008 the water consumption in the processed meat factories has decreased by 30%. The primary energy consumption has decreased by 10%. At all our locations we use green electricity.

Due to the integrated Sales & Operations Planning Process we have reduced waste flows since 2008 by 70%, despite the increased volume. For this we adhere to the five Rs: Remove, Reduce, Reuse, Renew and Recycle.

For meat ingredients, we elect to use pork and poultry in preference to beef because it is less harmful to the environment.

All our packaging contributes to the systems of waste prevention and recycling in the countries where it is marketed. For Belgium this means affiliation and contributing to FostPlus® for consumer packaging and Val-i-Pack® industrial waste flows. With this, we also adhere to the covenants agreed within the sector and commitments to individual companies.

In cooperation with our suppliers we develop packaging concepts from renewable sources which are certified according to the ‘4-star’ OK biobased® specifications. They also meet the OK Compost Home® standards.