Transparent product composition that meets consumer expectations

Demanding consumer expectations drive our product development. Using market research we monitor trends in consumer behaviour closely. This helps us identify expectations and gauge new needs. It also places us in a position to respond to relevant societal themes such as health, safety and animal welfare, which consumers link to our activities and products.

Product composition

The packaging bears transparent labelling regarding the product composition and nutritional values per 100 gram and per serving. Expressed as % of the recommended daily intake of nutrients.

We endeavour to create nutritionally balanced products. More specifically, we have reduced the salt content in meat products by an average of 10% and in ready meals by an average of 15%. In addition we are gradually reducing the use of saturated fats and palm oil for overall fat reduction and improving the fatty acid composition. If Ter Beke uses palm oil for its own products, it is only RSPO certified palm oil.

To achieve nutritional balance, we use wholemeal and ingredients high in fibre such as vegetables. For example, in 2012, Come a casa®® introduced the first fresh ready meals with 100% wholemeal pasta to the Belgian market: wholemeal lasagne Bolognese and wholemeal lasagne Verdure (with fresh Mediterranean vegetables and without meat).

In general we endeavour not to use artificial additives. Where this is unavoidable, the use is subject to strict conditions and statutory limitations. For us it goes without saying that we do not use ingredients from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) or irradiated ingredients in our products.

We increasingly use meat from animals which have been raised under specific conditions, from suppliers who endorse animal welfare principles. Examples include the AWF (Animal Welfare Foundation) rules in the United Kingdom and the ‘Beter Leven’ (better life) standard in the Netherlands. In recognition of our consistent choice for free range eggs in our Come a casa® products we have received the Good Egg Award® from GAIA (Global Action in the Interest of Animals). In addition to our own brands, we also conform meticulously to the agreements for private labels and we make proactive suggestions for improvement.