Social responsibility

Ter Beke takes its sense of responsibility seriously through corporate social responsibility and acting as a corporation with a sense of public responsibility. Through ethical corporate conduct towards its socio-economic environment, its shareholders, its customers and its suppliers. By ensuring a healthy and safe working environment. By treating the natural environment with respect.

We take responsibility for:

  • Society

    Through our efforts for social themes at local, national and supra-national level.

  • Customers

    by offering them products and services that provide value for money while answering to the desire for a healthy and quality lifestyle for their consumers.

  • Suppliers

    By building an honest and long lasting relationship which respects their own social commitments and efforts.

  • Shareholders

    By offering them a competitive return on investment, building appropriate shareholder value and fulfilling their expectations regarding a socially responsible company.

  • Environment

    By constantly striving to avoid waste and to reduce water and energy consumption; by actively deploying raw materials that originate from renewable sources and/or that have a reduced impact on our planet.

  • Each other

    by motivating each other, by acknowledgement and a fair remuneration, through teamwork, by providing a pleasant working atmosphere and providing opportunities for continuous learning; by encouraging personal growth and development, by acknowledging and respecting each other's dignity and personal rights; by assessing and working on improving job satisfaction.