Supply Chain Collaboration

Ter Beke endeavours to provide perfect service to customers. This is why our systems are adapted to their contemporary working practices. We can meet their requirements for automated messaging and we use the standard for EDI traffic. These messages range from order notifications, notifications and confirmations for deliveries to invoicing.

In the physical process this involves the application of the EANCOM standards at product, coli and pallet level (EAN 13, DUN 14, EAN 128, SSCC labelling, etc.).

We apply the GS1 regulations wherever possible and in the same way for all our customers. Exceptions are possible but that means additional work, time and costs.

Adjusting nutritional information for consumers on packaging

With a view to the new legislation concerning the provision of nutritional information to consumers (FIC) which comes into force in December 2014, we are adjusting all our packaging and we publish all product data in the data pool. In this way, consumers receive clear, understandable and reliable product information (even when they purchase products remotely).

This also means that our customers can load logistics information and product specifications to their own systems.
Customers who are willing to work in a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) collaboration are at the right address with Ter Beke.