Value Added Logistics

Our logistics approach and architecture offer a solution to the complex combination of multiple market channels and countries. This in relation to the wide variety of product ranges sourced from multiple factories.

When delivering our products we continually strive for physical consolidation of products being transported to the end customer. For stocking our customers we work with a limited number of logistics partners chosen per market and per channel. They guarantee our daily deliveries in very short lead times. Together with them we also pay attention to ‘green’ campaigns, for example to reduce CO2 emissions.

The geographic spread of our delivery points in Europe means that we have multiple stock locations in various countries to which we deliver finished products close to the end customer. If required, products are given that final customer touch locally. So these days we prepare orders for several customers per store outlet (POS).

For the secondary packaging we supply our products in cardboard boxes or plastic crates. For the plastic crates we make use of the market's own pool systems, whereby these third parties are responsible for the reverse logistics. Where possible we also rely on the pooling partners for the containers (pallets).