Ter Beke is international leader with a strong market position in the chilled lasagnes segment. Chilled lasagnes with various recipes: from the classic lasagne Bolognese to the more surprising lasagne with asparagus or vegetarian lasagnes and lasagnes with meat substitutes. Ranging in format from single serving (400 g), family packs (850 g -1 kg) as well as larger trays (3 -5 kg) for cafés and restaurants and butchers.

Chilled lasagne: entry-level ready meal product

For consumers, lasagne is often the entry-level ready meal product. Because, as far as taste is concerned, lasagne is very accessible, but on the other hand it is quite labour-intensive to prepare. In all markets, lasagne is enjoyed by adults and children.

Speciality lasagnes

Because consumers of ready meals are continually seeking something new, there is a wide range of specialty lasagnes. For example, a lasagne verde (with spinach béchamel sauce), salmon lasagne, vegetarian lasagne, chicken lasagne, turkey lasagne and wild boar lasagne (in the Christmas period).

Composition of chilled lasagne

Most of our lasagnes consist of 4 or 5 layers ‘al dente’ pasta, and a layer of sauce between each layer. All finished with fresh natural cheese for a perfect oven cooking. There are lasagnes with wholemeal pasta as well.