Heavenly snacks and aperitifs

Treat yourself and your guests to surprising snacks. Or opt for a classic touch with a snack like diced salami with mustard.

Turkey Breast roll

  • Savoury wraps
  • Turkey breast

For the sauce:

  • Chicory
- Orange juice
- Raisins
  • Honey
  • Red wine vinegar
  • Rosemary

Prepare the sauce:

  • steam the chicory with the raisins and rosemary leaves.
  • Quench with the vinegar and orange juice and reduce to a thick sauce.
  • Spread the sauce on the wraps.
  • Arrange slices of turkey breast and then roll up the wrap.
  • Cut it into rolls and present the rolls with chicory leaves and orange wedges.
  • Tip: Can be served either hot or cold.