Complete makeover for Come a casa: a new look, but the same inimitable taste.

14 Nov 2019

“Even though the Come a casa brand enjoys the preference of most Belgians when it comes to chilled ready meals, our branding had become a little outdated over the last few years,” explains Cédric Lemineur, Marketing Manager for Ready Meals at Ter Beke.

Come a casa was in need of a rebranding. The new logo and the slightly modified packaging which consumers have been encountering in the shops since last September, are just the first in a series of changes that Ter Beke is rolling out as part of its rebranding programme.

The process will be gradual so that Come a casa consumers can get accustomed to the makeover. By the start of 2020, branding for the ready meals will have undergone a complete metamorphosis.

The new logo is a logical next step in the brand’s makeover and is a clear statement of its position in the marketplace:

  • A handwritten “Come a casa” will indicate that Come a casa provides meals that consumers can prepare at home themselves – convenience at its very best
  • A round logo, much like a quality seal, provides a guarantee of excellence
  • Three sunbeams will symbolise fun and enjoyment

The new “a casa” media campaign, on your television screens from 4 November, will feature Come a casa as a product that comes to the rescue after a bad day at the office. What’s more, the brand also aims to address the concerns of the modern-day consumer, such as health, packaging, sustainability and convenience.


The rebranding and the planned innovations have injected a new dynamic into the Come a casa brand which signals strong future growth.



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