Investor relations

Relevant information for shareholders and investors, such as press releases, annual reports, information about general meetings and shareholders' rights, the group corporate governance charter, the financial calendar and reports from financial analysts.

Turnover 2021
million EUR
Ebitda 2021
million EUR
Eat 2021
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  • Press releases and publications

    Overview of press releases, Annual reports and half-yearly financial reports, Ter Beke NV Statutory annual accounts and Other publications.

  • Shareholder information

    Information about General meetings, Shareholding structure, Key figures per share, Notifications received and Other statutory shareholder information.

  • Annual Report 2021.pdf
    .pdf (9.26 MB)
  • Corporate governance

    Coordinated articles of Association of Ter Beke NV, Group Corporate Governance Charter and Corporate Governance Statement from the latest annual report

  • Financial calendar

    Half-year financial report 2022:                   26 August 2022

    Annual Results 2022:                                  by 24 February 2023 before market opening

    Annual Report 2022:                                   at the latest on 24 April 2023

    General Shareholders Meeting:                     25 May 2023