Our flavour agents

Get to know some of our flavor agents and what they have to say about working at Ter Beke. And to whet your appetite.

10 reasons to work at Ter Beke

Elke (Development)
“A good team spirit, where honesty counts and both the positive and the negative things are said.”
Els (Kwaliteit)
“Teamwork is really ingrained in the organisation.”
Peter (Maintenance)
“I have been given opportunities and have made my own decisions about the direction in which I want to develop.”
Rik (Sales)
“The opportunity I have to be in the ‘driver's seat’ encourages me.”
Bart (Productie)
“Most of my colleagues are now friends.”
Liliane (Productie)
“We have very strict hygiene rules and I think this is extremely important.”
Sarah (ICT)
“I think food is fascinating! In a fast moving environment everything goes fast.”
Noël (Supply Chain)
“In my job I spend about 50% of my time with people and 50% with systems.”
Garmt (Sales)
“The fresh food category is the category within the supermarket, that is where it happens, and that's what I found at Ter Beke.”
Heidi (Controlling)
“I experience a great deal of independence and can work independently. For me this is the most important part of my professional satisfaction.”