Our ingredients

Food is a basic need for every individual. But in our modern society, the specific experience, being together, and living a particular lifestyle have also become important. Food is much more than just mixing ingredients into an edible product.

This is why there are many facets to working at Ter Beke. We don't just prepare ordinary food, every day we are ’driven by the zeal for your everyday meal’. Ingredients in our daily drive are: enthusiasm, dedication, passion, ambition, focus, eagerness, having an appetite and being appetising.

Of course, it also has to do with having the right people in the right place, with a good HR policy and being an honourable, socially responsible employer. Take a look in our internal kitchen … we hope that it whets your appetite and inspires you to come in and participate.

Our values are the starting point and the touchstone for our personal and corporate conduct.

Ter Beke develops and produces from nine specialised production sites, each of which is built on a relatively ‘human scale’. As a result, employees are highly committed to their jobs. The lines of communication are short, open and direct ...