Sales & Marketing

One foot in the door and the other halfway through the window.


Mariusz Liszega,
Account Manager Ready Meals, Pasta Food Company


How to win over the market?

“You have to be flexible and work wherever and whenever the market demands your presence. The market here is constantly evolving. We were already familiar with frozen meals, but fresh ready meals are a relatively new concept. The idea of ‘fresh’ ready meals initially was met with some degree of scepticism. For example: how can we keep our products fresh for so long? It is my job to explain this and to make it plain no additives are used. People have to have trust in both you and your product and this can only develop over time. Personal contact is key to this, so I am often on the road visiting existing and prospective clients. I often say - tongue in cheek - I have one foot in the door and the other halfway through the window.”


Responding to needs

“In the past we mostly worked with one kilogram portions, but since the end of 2018 we’ve also been producing individual  servings. There are more and more single-person households and people are increasingly looking for a convenient solution. We are responding to this demand. There is still much to play for and that provides us with plenty of opportunities. When all is said and done, our lasagne must become an important part of that market. I plan to make my contribution to this. How? By sticking my foot in the door.”

“I’m eager to get things moving, but sometimes you just have to be patient. Often a lot of time passes between the initial contact and the first order. The map still shows a few blank spaces. I’d like to fill them in with Come a casa® logos in 2019.”